Straight Face and Box Gutters

That modern touch you've been looking for.

Straight Face Gutters are an upgrade you might want to consider.  

Typically recommended on buildings which have flat roofs, box gutters can blend into a modern architecture better than other most rain gutter options. 

City Seamless has developed an amazing system for offering seamless rain gutter performance performance with the customized box gutter look--something you simply won't find anywhere else.  

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City Seamless proudly offers a 100% Lifetime Guarantee on most products and workmanship. Of course, certain restrictions apply.

If you don't see an answer to your question under our FAQ's, please contact our office and ask to speak with a specialist.

In most cases City Seamless is able to offer you a lifetime guarantee on the product and the workmanship.  In some cases we are not able to offer the lifetime warranty, in which case we will explain the issue to you and let you know what type of warranty we are able to offer. 

Using our very own, in-house technology and installation methods, we are able to offer each of these custom style gutters in a seamless package as well.

Custom rain gutters are available in any size.  However, they are usually found in 5” or 6” sizes.

Most custom gutters are made from Aluminum, although Copper and Steel are also popular metals for half round and square gutters.

We offer an ogee style, a straight or flat face style, a half round style, as well as box style gutters.

Yes. Baked Enamel Aluminum Rain Gutters are designed to withstand the elements and maintain their color for the life of the product. However, if you decide to change the color of the gutters you can easily do so by painting them. They do not need to be primed and will typically hold paint for as long as the other surfaces of your house.

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Since 1976, City Seamless Rain Gutter Company has been a Leader in the Rain Gutter Industry.  We are licensed and insured and provide quality gutter services at very competitive prices.  We proudly offer a Lifetime Guarantee on most of our products and workmanship. 

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Not all gutter contractors are the same. City Seamless Rain Gutters has been a leader in the gutter industry since 1976, and is a licensed and insured company. We provide quality gutter services at competitive prices, and are proud to offer a 100% Lifetime Guarantee on our products and workmanship. If you are looking for an estimate, give us a call today at (888) 589-2707

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"After speaking with a few companies, we decided to go with City Seamless. Travis came and gave us a quote. He was very knowledgeable and showed many samples with many color options which made our decision easy. Great price and installer did an amazing, thorough, and clean job. We highly recommend doing business with them."

Payam R via Yelp - San Clemente CA
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