Is It Time for Your Annual Gutter Cleaning?

Seamless Aluminum Rain Gutters a crazy practical invention. 

Amazingly, seamless rain gutter installation has hardly changed in the many years that aluminum or copper rain gutters have existed.  What makes a rain gutter seamless is the fact that they are produced from a rolled up aluminum coil.  This coil is then ran through a roll forming machine, (a rain gutter machine) which shapes the rain gutter into one of 3 common shapes.  Seen below would be the ogee or k-style aluminum rain gutter.  You can see a nice curve on the face--hence the name "ogee."

After the aluminum rain gutter coil is loaded into the Rain Gutter machine, our installer will measure the length of the roof where the piece of rain gutter is supposed to hang. He can then measure the rain gutter to the exact dimension he wants, and will then run it through the gutter machine and chop it off at the desired length.  Due to the fact that these pieces of rain gutter are cut to the length of the roof, and have no seams (seamless rain gutter), the gutter system will last for decades. Its is this technology that allows us to offer a lifetime guarantee in many cases. 

Each piece of rain gutter is then installed to the roof edge by using either a hidden hanger system, which uses a lag screw that attaches to the fascia board, or possible the rain gutter is hung from the roof in some cases by a metal strap that is then screwed to the hidden hanger system and then fastened to the rain gutter.  Hence Rain Gutter Installation, done by a licensed rain gutter contractor, is simple and easy to perform.  

Annual gutter cleaning of seamless rain gutters is very important in order to keep the longevity of the rain gutter.  Rain gutter and downspouts can become clogged very easily due to debris from falling trees, and, more often than not, tennis balls and other toys thrown onto the roof by kids and whoever else is outside playing.

One way to protect your metal rain gutters from becoming clogged and filling with debris is to add gutter guards, leaf screens, or rain gutter helmets to the seamless rain gutter system.

As you can see from this photo, a well installed leaf screen or gutter guard will protect the rain gutter from many types of falling debris including pine needles, tennis balls, and leaves and other organic matter (including pigeons).

So protect your rain gutters and call City Seamless Rain Gutter Company today, and schedule a free estimate.  We would love to come by and give you an honest appraisal about the shape of your seamless rain gutter system.  More often than not, your seamless aluminum rain gutter system will be salvageable.  

Give City Seamless a call, and find out what we mean when we say, "Service At Any Length."